Cyprus Company Formation / Incorporation

We can undertake the registration of a Cyprus company which includes the following:

  • applying for the approval of a name
    At least three alternative names are needed (in case one name may not be available) for the Cyprus company incorporation (n/a if readymade off the shelf company is acquired). It takes approximately four working days for the answer relating the approval/rejection of the Company name. The words such as “Corporation”, “Association”, “International”, “Group”, “Financial”, etc are too general and should be avoided.
  • preparing the Memorandum and Articles of Association
    We usually incorporate Cyprus companies with an authorised, issued and paid up share capital of €1.000 however in case the client wants the share capital to be more this can be arranged.
    Also information is needed as to the proposed activities and main objects of the Cyprus company to enable our Lawyers to prepare a suitable Memorandum of Association. Articles of Association will be our Lawyers standard articles unless otherwise instructed.
  • filing the documents to the Registrar of Companies for the incorporation
    As soon as all documents requested are received the next step is the preparation and submission of all necessary company documents to the Cyprus company registrar for the incorporation. It takes approximately five to six working days for the formation of the Cyprus company.
  • legalisation of the incorporation documents and certificates
    After the Cyprus company is incorporated and the documents are in our hands, if the client requires so, we can proceed with apostille of all company incorporation documents.
  • readymade companies
    We can also supply ready-made (off the shelf) companies if requested.