Statutory Services for Cyprus Registered Companies

  • provision of a company secretary
    We recommend that a local secretary is appointed due to the need for the annual return and other returns to be filed with the Companies Registrar and also for preparing minutes to meetings etc. Our firm will provide the Secretary for a company and will perform the required corporate duties including compliance with local legal requirements.
  • provision of a registered office
    Our firm will provide the Registered Office for a Company. The registered office of the company has to be in Cyprus.
  • provision of directors where required
    Full names addresses, nationalities and occupations of directors to be appointed are needed. Directors can be provided by our firm if required. This will facilitate discretion and will also affect the management and control of the company, which in turn affects the tax status of the company.
  • provision of trustee shareholders where required
    Each Company must have a minimum of one registered shareholder. Our firm is willing to provide nominee shareholders who will sign declarations of trust in favour of the beneficial owner(s). The names and addresses of registered shareholders are shown on the Company’s Annual Return to the Registrar of Companies and are a matter of public record. Therefore, if nominee shareholders are used, there is absolute discretion regarding the beneficial shareholder(s)’ identity.
  • During the incorporation process the following documents need to be obtained for the ultimate beneficial owner:
    · Original Bank References from the beneficial shareholders. A sample of the requested bank reference is as follows:
    “We hereby confirm that Mr/Mrs……………………….. has been our customer for……..years. He/she has good financial standing, is trustworthy and keeps to his/her commitments”.
    · Certified or Apostille copy of the passport data pages of each proposed shareholder and director, or in the case of a legal entity, a copy of the certificate of incorporation/certificate of good standing.
    · Original utility bill of the beneficial owners not older than three months.